1. Forget about the money. You are learning an elite sport. You will need to train hard. You will not be making money anytime soon. If you can’t accept that or are chasing gains, don't trade futures. period.
  2. Don’t pay for anything (except MAYBE journaling software). No paid groups. No paid signals. You are trying to get good at trading, not copy trade someone who is very likely scamming you anyways.
  3. Journal your trades. My recommended setup is as follows. Journal each trade as you take them in twitter threads (you can make a private twitter account for this). Include screenshots…

  1. Keep size small. When you oversize, you not only risk losing a lot on that particular trade, but should you lose you will then be in a bad mindset or even financial situation and give up the ability to trade better opportunities in the near future. So oversizing can cost you both money and opportunities later.
  2. Focus on lucky entries. Be patient with your entries. When you get mediocre to bad entries, you are giving up your ability to exit the trade for a small loss while not getting chopped / wicked out. Also, don’t be greedy on exits. …

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